Skills for New Horizons aims at promoting economic and social development in the field of sports management by elaborating and providing a full training course oriented to young people interested in starting their own business. It contributes to promote young entrepreneurship and European international cooperation, to embrace the challenges the sector is facing, and more concretely those regarding the COVID- 19. 


The following actions will be implemented in order these objectives to be reached:


-Provide a complete training for 20 active young people working in the field of sport or/and interested opening their own business. 


-Successfully organize 5 events to promote young entrepreneurship in the field of sport through the project results (100 attendants expected) 

-Promote an open and free knowledge (MOOC, free manual, Youtube channel) to ensure project sustainability and continuity in time. 

As an expected result, our project aims at promoting the innovation and accessibility in education and training methodologies (understood as a constant knowledge update and improvement), to promote the knowledge management (share, know who knows), and in fostering the open innovation (collaborate with others on different levels).



Projects partners:

ALFAFIN – (Italy)


IRON MAN – (Poland)

CPDIS – (Romania)


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