About Champions Factory

Champions Factory is a global nonprofit that develops innovations in the fields of education and sport. Our programs are powered by our belief that great things happen when you give people an opportunity to discover their full potential.
Find us in Bulgaria, The Republic of Ireland, Turkey, United Kingdom and Ghana.

We are quite a bit of everything, and a shortlist of the main challenges we work on are:

  • Lack of educational opportunities for disadvantaged youth and orphans: we organize entrepreneurship courses
  • Drop-out of professional athletes after they retire from their sports career: we coordinate the major international “Life after sport” project with sports foundations, sports schools, and federations.
  • Gender inequality issues that women face, such as disproportionate poverty and education levels and poor health and nutrition: We run the project “Women empowerment through sport.”
  • Juvenile delinquency in Europe and Latin America”: we coordinate the project “Learning through sport” with partners from Colombia, Peru, Brazil, the UK, Bulgaria, and Romania.
  • Doping use of under-aged athletes: We collaborate with the Bulgarian Swimming federation and seven other sports companies within the major project “Stop doping – swim fare.”
  • Lack of job opportunities for migrant women: we collaborate on the project “Migrant in Fashion. “


Fields of Work

Champions Factory is an international non-governmental organization bringing social change through innovations in education, training, youth and sport.


Innovative educational methodologies and carefully orchestrated life-changing experiences empower youth to reach their full potential.


Work with individuals and organizations on diverse national and transnational sports innovation projects in order to bring an impact on the world of sports.

Transcontinental Capacity Building Projects

Currently, we run four Youth and sports transcontinental projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe.

Vocational Education and Training

Champions Factory VET Department is dedicated to the management of education and training mobility for VET learners.

Tailor-Made Events

Champions Factory Team designs and implements tailor-made events according to the client's individual needs.

Adult Education

Champions Factory Adult Education Department is delivering a high level of education and training mobility projects for adult learners

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Champions Factory Bulgaria

Champions Factory Bulgaria is the Headquarters of the Champions Factory International Network. The team has 8 years of experience in the fields of development and implementation of national and international projects, sports management, research and innovation. We have run more than 25 national and international projects. Download Partner Identification Form (PIF)

Champions Factory Ireland

Champions Factory Ireland is based in Dublin, Ireland. The organization’s main focus is on sport and how sports values and goals can be adapted and used into different fields of work. The organisation has run 2 Erasmus+ Youth projects and on national level is focused on the development of Sport as an educational tool.

Champions Factory United Kingdom

Champions Factory United Kingdom is limited by Guarantee Company and based in London (United Kingdom). The organization’s main goals are to promote non-formal education and to empower young people with fewer opportunities. The organisation has run 7 Erasmus+ Youth Projects and 1 project on Adult Education. Download Partner Identification Form (PIF

Champions Factory Turkey

Champions Factory Turkey is based in Bursa, Turkey and is an informal developing group, which consists of 4 active members who are determined to make a positive change in their society through various youth and sport activities. Download Partner Identification Form (PIF)

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