Mobile phones are reliable devices for communication and entertainment for youth and adults no matter gender or age. However, their utilization for prolonged periods in flexed neck position is linked to neck, shoulders and pain. Recent estimates showed that at least 77% of the world’s population has their own mobile phone. Many studies have been conducted to study the correlation between using mobile phones for texting and both, neck, shoulder pain and spinal deformities. This can be explained by the static muscular load occurring with prolonged neck flexion along with the lack of support to the arms and the repetitive movement of the fingers, especially when using one hand only. 



  • To motivate people form different age groups (children, youth, adolescents and adults) to do regular physical activities.
  • To give the volunteers a unique opportunity to understand and strengthen values like solidarity, democracy, friendship, etc.
  • To raise the awareness of a healthy, active lifestyle among people on different ages
  • To spread EU values among youth