“Life after Sports” is a 2 years Sport Collaborative partnership project that aims to develop an innovative programme to support dual careers that facilitates an optimal combination of high-quality training and education to young athletes using face-to-face workshops. The Programme will target athletes between 15-18 years old, special critical age in which sport and professional transitions take place. In total, 120 athletes coming from the 6 countries will be directly involved in the testing of the pilot programme. Young athletes will be supported by the “Ambassadors of dual career” by the sporting non-governmental organisations as a key figure to facilitate the integration in the labor market. The main aim is to facilitate a successful preparation for combining sporting career of young athletes by bringing them the right supporting training and hence contributing that at a later stage of life they keep a balance between sports training and employment. The project links a series of key activities designed to develop and implement a sustainable training program as the focal point of the project.

“Life after Sports” Partner Consortium:

Coordinating organisation: Bulgaria, Champions Factory – ChF (www.championsfactory.bg)

Partner organisations:
Partner: Greece, UNIVERSITY OF THESSALY – UTH (http://www.uth.gr/en/)
Partner: Turkey, ISTANBUL KULTUR VE SPOR DERNEGI – IKOS (http://www.ikos.org.tr/en/)
Partner: Italy, Mine Vaganti NGO – MVNGO (www.mvngo.org)
Partner: Croatia, PRVA RIJEČKA HRVATSKA GIMNAZIJA – PRHG (www.prhg.hr)

Intellectual outputs:

IO1: Research Report on Student-Athletes Needs’ Assessment
IO2: “3-Stage Dual Career Program for Young Athletes“
IO3: Guidelines for “3-stage Dual Career Program for Young Athletes” implementation in the form of an online document that can be spread widely.

Project Meetings:

  1. Kick-Off meeting in February 2019 in Rijeka (Croatia) – February 2019
  2. Training of “Ambassadors of Dual Career for Young Athletes” in November 2019 in Istanbul (Turkey)
  3. Transnational mid-term evaluation meeting in March 2020 in Madrid (Spain)
  4. Final Evaluation meeting and conference in November 2020 in Sofia (Bulgaria)

Multiplier sport events:

  1. Multiplier of “3-Stage Dual Career Program for Young Athletes“ in each partner country between April and July 2020.
  2. Conference “3-Stage Dual Career Program for Young Athletes“ in November 2020 in Sofia (Bulgaria)

Project Manager: Shirin Amin, General Director of Champions Factory International
E-mail: shirin.amin@championsfactory.bg

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