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Through innovative educational methodologies and life-changing experiences, Champions Factory Team empowers young adults to reach their full potential. We have involved more than 4600 youth from disadvantaged areas in Europe and the World in diverse initiatives, international exchanges, courses, seminars, meetings, etc.

We tackle the most needed fields of youth work, as we involve both - young people and youth workers:

Young People

We organize and partner in international Youth Exchanges in which young people from different countries develop competencies. Become aware of socially relevant topics/ thematic areas. Discover new cultures, habits, and lifestyles, mainly through peer learning. Strengthen values like solidarity, democracy, friendship, etc.

Youth Workers

We support the professional development of youth workers, through the implementation of transnational/international seminars, training courses, contact-making events, study visits and job shadowing periods abroad.

We have developed the following youth projects:

“Social Inclusion through Sport” Training course for 30 youth workers from 12 countries in Bansko (Bulgaria) in November 2014.

“Youth Entrepreneurship through Sport” Funded by ERASMUS+ with two activities – Seminar in Bulgaria and a Training Course in Istanbul, Turkey.

“Get together for better” Youth Exchange, that was held in Varna in Bulgaria in July 2016.

“Creativity and sports – the steps that lead to employment” training course held in Bansko (Bulgaria) in the period July 2015.

“Human Rights and Gender Equality through Sport” – Funded by the European Youth Foundation.

“Unlock your potential” – multiplicity youth exchange held in Armenia in May 2016 and Bulgaria in 21- 30 August 2016.

“Connecting through outdoor activities” – youth exchange held in Bulgaria in August 2016.

“Youth workers – the engine of the social change” – training held in Bulgaria during August 2016. Funded by the European Youth Foundation.

“Sport for sustainable development” – multi-activity mobility of youth workers with seminar in Bulgaria in May 2017 and Training in Tenerife (Spain) in October 2017.

“Youth Leadership Academy” – multi-activity mobility of youth workers with a training in Bansko (Bulgaria) in April 2017 and Training in Istanbul (Turkey) in September 2017.

“Together for Active Lifestyle” – multi-activity youth exchange held in Varna (Bulgaria) in the summer of 2017.

“Entrepreneurial Lab” – multi-activity youth exchange held in October 2017 in Bansko (Bulgaria) and in April 2018 in Budapest(Hungary).

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