“The NEETs in Needs” project consists of two youth exchanges, each involving 60 NEETs from the UK and Bulgaria. We are convinced that its unique structure has great potential to impact an essential amount of young people – although conceived as a short-term project, it is planned to have a long-lasting impact. Through the project, we promote employability and active participation of young people in pushing forward the idea of a stronger and united Europe. We are using Education through Sport and Non-formal education methodologies to develop personal and professional skills, which will turn our participant’s inactivity into productivity.


  • to provide youth with fewer opportunities and opportunity for integration and international exchange
  • to foster mutual understanding between young people in different countries
  • to allow participants to gain cross-skills, soft skills, and participatory and leadership attitudes through Sport and Non-Formal Education
  • to promote the engagement of young people in the education and/or labor market
  • to stimulate young people’s spirit of initiative, creativity, and entrepreneurship
  • to raise awareness of the Erasmus+ program and to spread EU core values among young people.

The project’s first activity, “The NEETs in Needs,” was successfully implemented in the period 17-23 February 2020 in Varna, Bulgaria. The youth exchange gathered 30 youngsters from Bulgaria and 30 from the United Kingdom and involved them in various activities. As a result, we enriched their cultural knowledge soft skills empowered them to be more active in their local communities.

The second activity is planned for June 2020 in Varna (Bulgaria).

The project is co-funded by the ERASMUS+ program of the European Union.

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