Hugo Matos Director of Champions Factory Ireland

Hugo Matos is the founder, the mastermind behind Champions Factory Ireland, European Project Manager, Formal and Non-Formal Education Trainer. He has a bachelor in physical education (Casa Pia de Lisboa) and a master in sociology (Faculdade de ciencias sociais e Humanas). Hugo has been working the past 10 years in the youth field, both at a national and international level, taking part in more than 20 trainings, including a training of trainers in Education through Sport (2 years project), becoming an expert in non-formal education with a particular focus in Sport as a tool for social change. Hugo had organized 10+ trainings in different themes, such as Human Rights, Environment, Active participation, Volunteering, How to organise Youth Exchanges and Social Inclusion. He also has experience in over ten youth exchanges on the same topics.