The project aims to increase access to sports and physical activity for young people with disabilities. This is fully in line with the priorities of the Erasmus + Sport program. Namely, to promote inclusion and diversity in the field of sport. It aims to improve the reach of people with disabilities and encourage their involvement in sport. This project has been discussed and discussed with all partners involved in it

The project will involve 4 partners.

The project includes several activities for implementation. 

  1. Creating a guide/book with good practices in sports for young people with disabilities. 
  2. Establishment of a youth basketball club for young people with disabilities. 
  3. Creating a web portal that will facilitate people with disabilities in the field of sports. 
  4. Web application that will have information about accessible sports events, facilities, and places.

Activity 1. 

Management, coordination, and logistics will be described. Activities, logistics, and coordination. It will contain the first stage of the project, observations of activities, and the importance of achieving the expected results. This includes activities: meetings, coordination, monitoring and evaluation, financial management, reports, online correspondence, and document sharing on digital platforms (Google drive). Two planning and preparation meetings and one sporting event. 

Activity 2. 

Confirmation of diagnostic questionnaires related to sports. Creating a guide/book for appropriate and inclusive sports activities. Socialization, integration, and inclusion of people with disabilities. Creating a web portal and web application that will improve the quality of life among people with disabilities. Creating a distribution network. Dissemination of all activities related to the project and creation of a basketball club for people with disabilities. Creating a youth basketball team for young people with disabilities in Bulgaria. 

List of participating organizations; 

  1. Sports Basketball Club Dunav-Ruse-2016 Bulgaria Coordinator
  2. Sports Club For You Moving Cluj Romania Partner
  5. Marketing Juju Bulgaria Partne

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