SPort Education Against Radicalisation (SPEAR) is a 24 months small collaborative partnership in the field of sport whose goal is to prevent radicalisation of young people encouraging social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport.

The project partners will achieve this objective by creating a network of 8 ambassadors that will reach young people in events at the local level using the Education Through Sport (ETS) methodology. The ambassadors will constitute a transnational network for sport education against radicalisation strengthening the links between project partners and external stakeholders. A comprehensive research will provide the European state-of-the-art about current practices to prevent radicalisation in sport and through sport education. Afterwards, the ambassadors will realise a set of awareness-raising actions online and sport events.

Radicalisation issues are a part of the prevention of and fight against violence and intolerance that are part of the EU strategy on sport.

“SPEAR” Partner Consortium:

Coordinating organization:

  1. MV International (Italy)

Partner organizations:

  1. Champions Factory (Bulgaria)


Project objectives:

  • Prevention of and fight against violence and intolerance
  • Social inclusion in and through sport
  • Research on radicalization and identification of the best practices about countering radicalization in and through sport
  • Development of a training format to empower ambassadors in reaching out to young people using the ETS methodology.
  • Creating a network of ambassadors
  • Piloting of the training format
  • Awareness-raising activities: Online campaign, sport actions with young people
  • Final event hosted by MV International in Sassari: Sport championship against racialization, SPEAR Conference

Transnational Project Meetings:

  1. Online Meeting (supposed to be in Orkelljunga, Sweden)
  2. Sofia, Bulgaria – 4-5 September 2020
  3. Stropkov, Slovakia – 27-28 May 2021
  4. Sassari, Italy 12-13 December 2021


The project is co-funded by the ERASMUS+ Program of the European Commission!

Project Manager: Ivan Ivanov


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