ABOUT THE PROJECT ”EntreprenHour” (EH) is a Strategic Partnership in the youth field aimed at promoting the role of Social Entrepreneurship (SE), in combination with Non Formal Education (NFE) [...]

Знанието е ключът

През 2021 и 2022, в пика на КОВИД-19 доброволците на “Чемпиънс Фактори” реализираха проект „Знанието е ключът“  включвайки пряко 166 младежи в 10 онлайн семинара. Проектът „Знанието е ключът“ [...]

Empower Disabled Through Sport

Чемпиънс Фактори е международна неправителствена организация, чиято цел е да внесе социална промяна чрез иновации в образованието, обучението, младежта, възрастните и спорта, осъществявайки [...]

Green Sports Games

Green Sports Games (eyeG) is an 18-month Small Collaborative Partnership Sport Project. The eyeG is a project that offer training and a set of a practical activities to the partners’ local ators [...]


“Sports4Life: Non-Formal Toolkit for Grassroots” is a 12-month (12+6month extension) project aims to train young workers in the field of grassroots sports. The main objective is to promote [...]

SPort Education Against Radicalisation

SPort Education Against Radicalisation (SPEAR) is a 24 months small collaborative partnership in the field of sport whose goal is to prevent radicalisation of young people encouraging social [...]

Roma Inclusion through Sport in Europe

Roma Inclusion through Sport in Europe (RISE) is 18-month Small Collaborative Partnership framed under the Erasmus+ Sport priority “encouraging social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport” [...]