“Creativity and sport – the steps that lead to employment” is a project which aims to raise the amount of knowledge of youth workers, through the development of creative skills and team-building activities through sport.

The project included one-week training in Bansko, Bulgaria in the period 2-6 July 2015. 33 young people from 10 countries were participating.


  • To raise the awareness of education through sport as a tool for developing sportsmanlike qualities;
  • To improve professional competencies of youth workers;
  • To stimulate the creativity of participants;
  • To improve the creative side of the participants through education through sport;
  • To improve the work of youth workers in the field of nonformal education;
  • To build a long term partner network between all participants and organizations from the project;
  • To create new Erasmus+ partnerships and/or projects;
  • To stimulate the exchange of experience and good practices.

Creativity and sports – the steps that lead to employment



Shirin AMIN
Person in charge
E-mail: championsfactorybg@gmail.com

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