Champions Factory

Champions Factory is an international non-governmental organisation bringing social change through innovations in education and sport. The organisation dates back from 2012, when we were first established in Bulgaria. Then, in 2016 the first two international offices in the United Kingdom and Turkey were officially set up. In 2018 another office opened doors in Dublin, Ireland. Our network is based on common values of Honesty, Professionalism, Discipline, Work ethic, Integrity, Humility, Enjoyment, Passion, Respect and Determination.

Champions Factory Bulgaria is the Headquarters of the Champions Factory International Network. The team has 8 years of experience in the fields of development and implementation of national and international projects, sports management, research and innovation. We have run more than 25 national and international projects. Download Partner Identification Form (PIFHERE

Champions Factory Ireland is based in Dublin, Ireland. The organization’s main focus is on sport and how sports values and goals can be adapted and used into different fields of work. The organisation has run 2 Erasmus+ Youth projects and on national level is focused on the development of Sport as an educational tool.

Champions Factory United Kingdom is limited by Guarantee Company and based in London (United Kingdom). The organization’s main goals are to promote non-formal education and to empower young people with fewer opportunities. The organisation has run 7 Erasmus+ Youth Projects and 1 project on Adult Education. Download Partner Identification Form (PIFHERE

Champions Factory Turkey is based in Bursa, Turkey and is an informal developing group, which consists of 4 active members who are determined to make a positive change in their society through various youth and sport activities. Download Partner Identification Form (PIF) HERE

  • Shirin Amin General Director

    Shirin Amin is the General Director of Champions Factory International. She has a Bachelor degree in “Sports Management” at the Bulgarian National Sports Academy “Vasil Levski” and a master in “Youth Activities and Sport”. She has extensive practical experience in project management …

  • Didar Amin Director of Champions Factory Bulgaria

    Didar Amin is the Director of Champions Factory Bulgaria. He is a National Mountain Bike Champion of Bulgaria for 2005 and 2006. He has a bachelor in “Sport management” and a master in “Sports Entertainment” from the Bulgarian National Sports Academy “Vasil Levski”.

  • Ekaterina Avramova Director United Kingdom

    Ekaterina is the president of Champions Factory LTD. Since the age of 5, she has been involved in swimming. Following intensive training years, she started competing professionally in 2007, as in 2009, dreaming of being an Olympian swimmer …

  • Hugo Matos Director of Champions Factory Ireland

    Hugo Matos is the founder, the mastermind behind Champions Factory Ireland, European Project Manager, Formal and Non-Formal Education Trainer. He has a bachelor in physical education (Casa Pia de Lisboa) and a master in sociology (Faculdade de ciencias sociais e Humanas).

  • Aleksandra Goteva Youth Department Leader

    Aleksandra Goteva is an experienced youth trainer and the Director of the Youth Section. She gained her professional experience through participation in 3 Training of Trainers and has delivered more than 25 international and national youth events.

  • Martin Petrov Leadership and Entrepreneurship Trainer

    Martin is the entrepreneurship and leadership trainer of Champions Factory. He has an AP Degree in International Marketing and Management at ZIBAT Campus College, Roskilde, Denmark. Through his work, he had been supporting the personal and …

  • Amina Moustafa Sport and Youth Coordinator Ireland

    Amina Moustafa is a Sport and Youth Coordinator of Champions Factory Ireland, actively supporting our work there. She has worked with Sport Against Racism Ireland for over 4 years as a Project Coordinator for the Hijabs and Hat-Tricks Programme, encouraging…