“Creativity and sport – the steps that lead to employment” is a project which aims to rise the amount of knowledge of youth workers, through development of creative skills and team building activities through sport.

The project included one week training in Bansko, Bulgaria in the period 2-6 July 2015. 33 young people from 10 countries were participating.


-To rise the awarenes of education through sport as a tool for developing sportsmanlike qualities;
-To inprove profesional competences of youth workers;
– To stimulate creativity of participants;
– To improve the creative side of the participants through education through sport;
– To improve the work of youth workers in the field of nonformal education;
– To build long term partner network between all paricipants and organozations from the project;
– To create new Erasmus+ partnerships and/or projects;
– To stimulate the exchange of experience and good practices.

Creativity and sports - the steps that lead to employment



Shirin AMIN
Person in charge
E-mail: championsfactorybg@gmail.com